Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review: Sophomore Switch by Abby Mcdonald

I almost instantly fell in love with this book. It's a story of two girls who try to escape their past in form of a student exchange. While hard working shy and career orientated Emily heads to California party girl Tasha whose partying escapades have caught up with her heads to rainy Oxford.
Both their worlds and what they have known gets turned around. They get out of their comfort zone
The character development in this book is absolutely awesome. It's starts with to strangers who end up being your friend. It also deals with Feminisem which makes me so so very happy because I feel a lot of young adult romance books don't deal with feminisem

I really recommend you to read this book.

Sadly I don't have a pic of the book :(

Xoxo K

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  1. I like this book too, especially the exciting plot. I think your blog is simple and pretty. Im going to try reading some of the other books you recommended. Hope you check me out too!!
    love Eternal D.