Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to deal with divorce of parents

Following up on my book review of the duff i thought I would write a post about divorce, since the book talks about it. 
So there must be a lot of blogpost about this for dealing with the divorce of parents (or the divorce of any other family member) 
Divorces are nothing nice my mom is currently going through divorce no. 2. So the divorce of my mom and dad was not to hard on me for one I was still a little kid and my parents still get along really well but divorce no. 2 was way more harder on me for one that I was older and my stepdad cheated on my mom and watching my mom suffer while I had to helplessly stand there and watch. So I am going to share some "advice" that helped me: 

1. This is the most important one no matter what anyone says the divorce is NOT YOUR FAULT. 
2. Tell your parents how you feel don't bottle it all up inside you. It took me a long time to actually tell my dad and stepdad how I felt about them leaving me and my mom and telling my mom that it hurt me so much seeing her suffer but it cleared so much up in my mind. So communication is important so even if you now hate/dislike the person.
3. Take care of yourself do something fun with your friends, treat yourself to something you want. During the divorce no 2 of my mom I was so busy worrying about her that I totally forgot that I felt really shit but thank god I have great friends who took care of me
4. As much as you are involved in a divorce don't forget your parents are grow ups ( or act like them) so a divorce is something between them.
5. As shit as a divorce is and the potential moving and new boyfriend/girlfriend stepdad/stepmom is remember that out of all bad something good comes.

I hope this helped someone out there. 

Never forget YOU are a wonderful human being 



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  2. Dear blogger,

    Your blog entry about dealing with divorces is interesting and helpful. It's not easy to deal with them and divorces aren't funny.