Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hi there!

Who am i and what the hell am i doing?
im glad you asked well i am currently strutting towords the end of my teenage years and thought it would be fun to start a blog.

What am i going to blog about?
The general hardens of beeing a middle class teenager living in a rather secure country, navigateing trough the last strech of puberty and in to adulthood yayyyyyy!!!! Plus some Travel, books, fashion and whatever comes to mind stuff.

Please note that i am a strong fighter in tha battle of equality and anti discrimnation so i absolutly do not tolorate any kind of hate/diskrimination. I would like this to be a safe place.

also my spelling sucks so please don't be total grammer nazis.




  1. Hi there! I like your writing technique! :) I have been wanting to read a new book soon, could you recommend me one? :)

    1. Hi Emma thank you very much for you compliment on my writing style :)
      I've written 2 book review so far so if you want to chech those books out I can also recommend Saving June by Hannah Harrington its my all time favorite book :)